This is the season of my fire and my glory

This is the season when My Fire and My Glory
Are being released on the earth.
Those who are hungry and thirsty
To know more in the knowledge of me
Will receive revelation knowledge and wisdom
As they spend more time with me.

Catch the fire my people.
Be forged and strong for me.
There is a zeal for you to pursue –
The zeal of the Lord of Hosts
“How can this be?” you ask me.
My zeal lies within you my people.
In you I reside.
I am in you and you are in me.
We work together side by side.
Be willing to move when the Holy Spirit
Lights that fire within you.
Be willing to burn and glow for me
In the darkness which often surrounds you.

My Fire and My Glory are being released
More and more my people.
Be aware it is not the time to stay
In the mode just where you are.
You are to move into ‘My Victory Mode’
Full of My Zeal and Power!

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