The season of Easter

The season of Easter is fast approaching
When you remember my sacrifice.
I sacrificed my Son
And He sacrificed His life.
He was part of my being –
That is hard for you to understand:
That is why He was in agony
At the time of his separation from me.
The sin of the world was upon him
And had to be removed from my sight.
He was the only sinless one
That could be sacrificed.
Because of His stripes, you are healed
And because of His blood that was shed on the cross,
You are washed clean of your sin and shame.

It is the time for rejoicing
For He rose up from the grave
Revealing to all He was my Son on the earth
And He had the power to be raised again
To be returned to His place of Glory
Siting at my right hand
And the power that raised him from the dead
Can live in every man
For He sent the Holy Spirit to you –
His Spirit to be received in you,
As you believe and receive what He did for you.
Acknowledging him as my Son.

Be blessed in knowing this Easter
That Good Friday speaks of the Good News
That Jesus died on the cross for you
And we can rejoice in knowing
That we too can be raised to new life in Him
With that same power living within.

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