My heart now is beating fast

My heart now is beating fast –
More than before.
For my people are now responding to me
More than they have ever done before.

Time now is speeding up.
My Holy Spirit is moving and awakening my people.
There is a shaking
And my people are to no longer have their own agendas.
My Body is to come together and function well for me.
I have given you your weapons of war
And the authority to use My Name.
Apply my blood wherever you go –
No longer are satanic forces to rule and reign around you
To intimidate and oppress.

This is why I came my people –
I came to set you free.

Setting captives free.
Human resources will not suffice.
It has to be done supernaturally.

My people, you are now in my kingdom –
In my Kingdom of Light –
Light overpowers darkness.
Continue to bring my light into the darkness around you.
Bind the powers of darkness – Listen for my strategy.
Work together my people to enforce my victory.

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