All over the world, the Spirit is moving.

“All over the world, the Spirit is moving –
All over the world as the Prophet said it would be.
All over the world, there’s a mighty revelation
Of the glory of the Lord
As the waters cover the sea.”

I am revealing my glory
In ways as never before –
In whatever way I choose.
I am to be known as a supernatural God
Doing signs and wonders in the earth,
Yet a God who can be known personally
Through the sacrifice of my Son on the earth.
All glory and honour is to be bestowed upon Him
As Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

My people, you have had the privilege
Of receiving my Son into your lives.
It is “Christ in you the hope of glory“.
It is time now for Him to be glorified in you.
We are One – Father, Spirit, Son.
We are to be glorified in you and through you.

At this time of “awakening” across your land,
Be willing and available to be used
In whatever way I choose –
All for my glory and my glory alone.
“It is not by might, nor by power,
But by my Spirit says the Lord.”

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