Take hold of the words I give

Take hold of the words I give.
Take them deep into your heart.
Take them into your spirit
Not to depart.

They are to germinate and become fruit on my trees
For you are trees of righteousness, planted by me –
Planted into My Kingdom where I rule and reign –
And the new commandment I have given to you
Is to love one another as I have loved you;
To love your neighbour as yourself,
Still loving the Lord your God with all your heart
And all your soul and all your strength.

My people, the world you are living in
Is crying out for genuine love.
Hatred and greed have become paramount.
There is much fear and violence, now increasing.
Perfect love casts out fear.
Know that as you move together with my love,
You will change the atmosphere.
Take the words I give you deep in your heart.
You are to show to all around you,
The love that is in my heart.

It is my desire that none should perish.
It is my desire to save the lost.
Love with my love, my people
And you will save the lost.

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