Come my people – Follow me!

Come my people – follow me!
If you would be my disciples, follow me.
I am the Word – follow me.

It is by grace you have received your salvation.
It is not by any works you have done.
I am the One who became the sacrificial lamb
To meet the requirements of my Father.
Your sin has been washed away now, my people.
No longer need you have guilt or shame.
Walk now in newness of life.
The old has passed away.

I became flesh and dwelt as a man
And my disciples followed me.
My Holy Spirit is now on the earth and represents me.
He now lives in you, my people –
When you believed and received me as Saviour
And Lord;
And you are now equipped to be “do-ers” of the Word.

Follow hard after me – as “the Word”
And as “the Resurrected One”.
The power that raised me from the dead
Now resides in you, my people.
You are able to accomplish more than I did
For in you lives resurrection life.
You are not to be as sacrificial lambs –
I was the only one that could pay the price –
I was the “One and only” sinless One.
It is my blood that still gives new life.

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