Proclaim my plan and purpose

Proclaim my plan and purpose
Everywhere you go.
My plan and purpose are clear in my Word.
I have a time-frame and time now is short.
To accomplish the Father’s plan and purpose
Before I return,
There is to be a joining of my forces together
In a united front against the forces of darkness.
It is only in the flesh that my people are separate;
In the Spirit, all my people are “one”.

My people are moving together more and more
In My Spirit
Than they have ever done before.
My angelic hosts have been actively engaged
In preparation for the days ahead –
And all over the earth, the Spirit is moving.
My prophecies will be fulfilled my people.
Choose now, and look for opportunities to join forces
Against the forces of the enemy.

Proclaim my plan and purpose
Individually and together as a corporate Body.
For you are My Body, my people
And I am your Head.
I need each part to function well for my Glory.
I am to be glorified through you my people.
Continue in my love.
My grace will always be sufficient for you

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