This day is to be a “new day” in your life

This day is to be a “new day” in your life –
A day of new direction,
For you are now hearing – truly hearing –
The importance of preparing for eternity.
Your life on earth is truly temporal
And though you will learn more lessons
From your earthly life,
The important teachings are from my Word,
Both written and spoken directly from me;
For I am still speaking through my people
As in the days of old.
It is the same Holy Spirit moving in the earth.
My Holy Spirit now lives in you my people
And I speak through whom I choose
Yet unless the words spoken line up
With those written in my Holy Word.
You can still be deceived by the enemy
Who likes to twist my Word,
And change the best plans I have for you
Into something else.

Open up your eyes my people.
Do not be deceived. Steep yourselves in my Word.
Do not be absorbed with the “letter of the law”;
That is why I came – to fulfil the law.
I have brought you freedom now.
It is for you to enjoy your life in me.
Rejoice my people and look ahead.
Your lives are now to glorify me
In preparation for eternity.

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