Do not relate to people only in the role

Do not relate to people only in the role
In which you are required to take –
For then it is more of an obligation
And not a true relationship.
Take time to know those you are required to “count”
Or show official care.
They are ones who are part of my family
And need to know that I truly care.
My love is to flow through whatever role you are in.
Take the time to hear.
Each person has a story to tell
And that person may only need an “ear to hear”.
Burdens shared are part of healing.

My compassion I pass on to you.
Pray for people and ease their pain.
Heal and deliver for me.
You are special vessels ordained and commissioned
By me.
Do not hesitate. The world is waiting.
So many are fearful and wanting the answers.
They have been under confusion from the enemy.
Impart my peace wherever you go.
You can change the atmosphere.
I am in you – “the Hope of Glory”.
Through my people, I will be glorified.

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