Regardless of the season you’re in

Regardless of the season you’re in,
Hold firmly to the anchor of your soul.
Whether stormy or fine weather,
Hold fast and steady to me, your Rock –
The Rock of your salvation.

The words you say are imperative in this day and age –
Contention and strife are waiting;
Sin crouches at the door –
Be quick to forgive and forget words also spoken
That negatively affect you.

Be “do-ers” of my Word, my people
Be not “hearers” only.
You will weather the storms of life more easily
As you firmly hold fast to the words in my Word.

The advice you receive from others
May be of much help to you,
But know that if they’re not confirmed by my Word
And by my peace in your heart,
Those words have not been helpful but a hindrance
To my plan and purpose for your life.

Job’s counsellors did not understand God’s plan for him.
Their knowledge was limited –
Their intentions were to be helpful
But the plan of my Father was to be worked through.
He was to be glorified.
When the testing time was over,
Job was lovingly rewarded – given more than ever before
And deep lessons for all lovingly taught.

Trust in me with all your heart
And lean not to your own understanding
In this season, and in every season –
In all your ways acknowledge me
And I will direct your paths.

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