Be as a bow and arrow for me

Be as a bow and arrow for me.
Be willing to bend to the extreme
That I might shoot you forth as arrows
Hitting the targets I choose.

As you move in the gifts I have given
And flow with my Spirit in this season,
I will use you more and more
In my strategic end-time plan.

My people, you have been prepared.
You have been well-equipped.
Be strong now in me as you feel the pull
And as you are carried to your target –
For truly underneath are my everlasting arms
Whatever task is before you as I shoot you forth.

Be for me as torches of fire
To bring revival to your land.
I am the one who baptises with the Holy Spirit
And with fire.
The purpose for which I came to earth
Was to save the lost.
Be willing now to be used of me for my glory
In this, my end-time strategy.

Be flexible in my hands.
Be not stiff-necked people.
It matters not what others may say –
I am the King of Glory.
My love for you will carry you through.
Together we move in victory.

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