The love I have for my people

The love I have for my people
Cannot be compared to any other love
That you have ever shared.
My love is never-ending –
It withstands the test of time.
Take hold of my love as I reach out to you;
Open your heart and your mind
And fully receive the love I have for you.

Once you understand this love cannot be shaken,
You will have confidence in all that you do.
You will trust me in the difficult times
And know that out of it all
Things will work together for ‘good’ every time.

Pass on to others the love that I give.
In the world there is much hatred and greed.
You are my people and represent me.
Bring life into a dying world –
For the world is heading for destruction
Unless I intervene.
Be part of that intervention.
I am in you and far greater
Than he that is in the world
And in any part of the ‘world scene’.

It is time, my people, to do things in My way.
My Holy Spirit will lead and guide.
The power in my love will be more clearly seen
As you love one another and love others for me.

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