The blood, the fire and the glory

The Blood, the fire and the glory
Are to be firmly grasped right now
For in this season I am revealing more,
And I am pouring out my power more.

The power in the Blood of my Son
Has not been fully understood.
My people, it means even more
Than the washing away of sin.
Apply the blood in prophetic ways in word and in action
And you will see my miracle-working power flow,
Setting people free from bondage,
And flowing in more ways than you could have imagined.
You will see changes in cities and nations.
You will see changes in your city and nation.

My Holy Spirit is igniting fire in designated places.
Catch the fire, my people! It is revival fire!
It is in the Spirit and needs to be caught
For you to flow in power.
The zeal of the Lord is consuming
And will fulfil your deepest desire
For the Glory of the Lord is being revealed
In Majesty and in Power.
It is being revealed and being poured out
In ways as not before,
And this Glory is being revealed in my people
As they flow with my Spirit more and more.

I will continue to manifest myself
As my people hunger for more.
My Glory will be seen and known
In greater and greater measure.
Bow your knees before me and pray.
Turn from any wicked ways that still prevail.
Seek my face, my people.
I will heal you and answer your prayer
And I will heal your land.

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