Your words are lethal

Your words are lethal.
Know it my people!
“Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”
Speak life wherever you go.
Your words have the potential to cause others to stumble:
To fall – to lose hope – to lose confidence.
Negative words do not set free,
Or heal, deliver or save.
Negative words are seeds
That fall into the enemy’s hands,
Who uses them to rob, kill and destroy.

My people, be kind to yourselves as well.
Over yourselves keep speaking words of life.
There is no condemnation
For those who are abiding in me.
I see your frailty and I know your frame.
Each one of you – I know your past.
I know the things you have been through.
Your experiences have helped mould and make you
For the “now” and for the future ahead.
You have been born for such a time as this.
Stand tall and look ahead.

It is the day of revelation and I want to impart to you
Knowledge and wisdom, if you will listen
And I want to use you.
The time is short my people – Spend your time wisely.
Your faith is to be in who I AM
As well as the words you speak.
I am in you, the hope of glory.
My promises are being fulfilled around the world today.
Move with me – revealing my victory.
Proclaim my truth wherever you go.

My Word will not return void.
It will accomplish that for which I send it.

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