I am a supernatural God.

I am a supernatural God.
I am not limited by man.
I am not limited by man’s expectations
Or the laws concerning the earth –
I can supersede the law of gravity.
I am the Creator of the Universe
And of all mankind – I see you all –
I know you and know the plans I have for you.
I cannot be limited by your lack of understanding
Of my supernatural capabilities.

My people, you have a lack of understanding
Of the supernatural capabilities that now reside
Within you.
You will do exploits for me
As you trust and rely on the Holy Spirit living in you
With the same resurrection power
That raised Jesus from the dead.
My Glory is to be revealed on the earth
In ways you have not witnessed before.

Time is speeding up, my people
And my Bride needs to be ready for my coming,
Revealing to all, my Glory within.
There is to be a change of mind-set
For nothing is impossible for me –
Yet I will not go against my Word
Or not fulfil the promises I have made.

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