My Father always encouraged me.

My Father always encouraged me
When I was limited on earth
In an earthly body.
I encourage you in your walk today –
I see your limitations.
Your spirit is willing but your flesh is weak
Yet your flesh is more than your body, my people;
It encompasses your soul –
All that you consider is “you” –
Your emotions, mind and will.
Bring them into subjection to me –
In harmony with my mind and Spirit
And you will find your walk will change
When it is a habit, minute by minute.

I encourage you today, my people –
That same Holy Spirit that came upon me
As I came out of the baptism waters
Now resides in you and was sent to you
That you might live in victory,
Hearing the Father’s voice to you,
Encouraging and strengthening you
That you might do the Father’s will –
His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.
The power that now resides in you
Is my resurrection power,
Full of My Power and My Glory
To be released in this very hour.

Now is the time, my people
To reveal My Glory and My Power!

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