Amazing love!

Amazing love! How can it be
That Christ my God should die for me?

The revelation of my love is being poured out
More and more – more than ever before,
For time is running out.
This Season of Grace is nearing its end –
Every season has to pass.
For those whose lives are entrenched with mine
Need have no fear at this time,
But for those who choose to go their own way
It will be a difficult time.
These words are a “sign post” for you to turn
For there is danger ahead,
Especially for those who are not strong in me
And who are “easily led”.

My people, there is much deception
And some not easily perceived.
My desire is for you not to veer
From the path I have chosen for you.
Consider your ways, my people.
Consider your ways.
Any other way than my way for you
Can lead to consequences hard to revert.
Become more aware of the enemy’s schemes.
Stay firm and strong and always alert.
Recognise my love does not change –
It is constant and without reserve.

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