Do you have unfinished business?

Do you have unfinished business
Still on your mind?
My people, do not procrastinate –
You do not have the time.
Complete those tasks that have to be done
So that they are off your mind
And then your mind will no longer be cluttered
But clear to focus for me.
For I would have you focus on things that are above –
For you to focus on the eternal;
No longer on the temporal things;
Those things that soon will pass away.
My Word will never pass away –
It will stand forever true.
It has withstood the test of time.
It has withstood all the forces of darkness
And it will continue to stand forever true.

I am The Living Word.
I am no longer in human form.
I live in resurrection life.
It is in resurrection life I would have you to flow.
Every earthly hindrance is to go!
My people, your focus is to be on my desires.
My plans reveal the desperate need
For my people to rise and stand
Shoulder to shoulder –
To stand abreast
Facing and thwarting all the enemy’s plans;
My force in you greater than any he has.
Stand tall my people.
Be not ashamed of me.
Together enforce my victory.

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