Deep calls to deep, my people

Deep calls to deep, my people –
Deep calls to deep.
It is in me you live and move
And have your being.
Recognise when I call to you
Deep in your being.
It is deeper and deeper in me
I would have you be.
Take the time to listen
And take the time to “be”.
“Doing” needs to be when I tell you.
Do not always be “on the run”.

Can you not see the ways you grieve me
When you do not take time to listen to me?
I have in mind so many ones I would draw to me
And I need my people to be available
To go and share my Word for me.
So many times I beckon and call
For you to come and sit at my feet
But your schedules do not allow me time
For your attention to be just for me.
Yes, you do spend time intermittently
But I say to you today –
Walk in my Spirit and then you will hear
When I say to you “Stop and top pray –
This one or that one needs me right now“.
When you are tuned in, you will know
The “how” and the “when”.

How I love you my people.
My love for you is very deep.
Deep calls to deep.
Deep calls to deep.
Stay deeply in me – close contact to keep.
Revelation knowledge I long to give.
My Wisdom is waiting for you to truly live.

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