How can you not know of my deep love for you?

How can you not know of my deep love for you?
My people, I gave my Son to die on the cross for you
That you might be free of all guilt and shame
And be clean and holy before me.

How can you not see how much you mean to me? –
That you have been made in My Image;
That you have been born of my Spirit – born anew
And that you are now part of My Kingdom?
The calling I have placed on your life
Is not to be brushed aside.
Take time to reflect and see, my people,
Of the ways I value you most.
Allow yourselves to be drawn by my Spirit
Into your gifts and callings.
There will be some trepidation
And leaps of faith for me
But you are to know your gifts and callings
And how valuable you are to me.

Take the time to ponder and see
If you need to change your course.
My people, the time now is short.
You have been prepared for this time and season,
And now I am calling you forth.
Respond to me as you see your calling
And do not brush it aside.
I will always be there for you –
My arms are open wide.

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