I see your potential

I see your potential –
That which you cannot see.
For I know the end from the beginning
And what I would have you to be.
There are steps that need to be climbed
Before you reach your destination.
It is one step at a time –
One day at a time my people,
And it is the same for your nation.

I see your nation’s potential –
I know what I have planned.
I need my righteous ones to stand tall
And truly value their land.
There is a Godly heritage given to you
By those who first came to your land.
I guided them there and staked my claim –
It is my Great South Land.

Take hold of the heritage I have given –
Reclaim for me, my land.
Do not allow further infiltration.
Be bold now. Arise and stand!
Righteousness exalts a nation
And you are my righteous ones.
I am greater in you than he that is in the world.
The battle has already been won.

The redeeming of your land
Will be done by the blood of the lamb.
Apply the blood and plead the blood –
The power in my blood;
The true evidence of my love
For all mankind.

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