Enter in! Enter in!

Enter in! Enter in!
Enter into the Glory Realm.
It is the time and the season my people
When you will want to enter in
For I am revealing more of myself –
More of who I AM
For I am full of goodness, mercy, grace and truth.
I do bring judgment where judgment is due
And that time will come – it will come in due time;
And this will not be the same for my people
As for those who keep refusing to believe in my Son
And continually refute the truth in my Word.

It is the time for My Glory to be seen –
My Glory to be seen and known.
Enter into the realm of My Glory –
The door is open wide.
For all who have that deep desire
I beckon to you and say “come”.
Take that step of faith, fully trusting in me.
It is my goodness and grace
And my mercy you will see;
In a new dimension you will see
All those things that are part of me.

You will see and know my miracles
You have not experienced before.
Know that I am waiting for you
To enter and explore.
You will absorb My Glory
Deep into your being my people.
My Glory is to be revealed in you.
It is “Christ in you the hope of glory

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