Every facet in your lives I see

Every facet in your lives I see
And am aware of those parts that need to shine
Revealing my presence in your lives,
For you are as diamonds in my sight –
Precious jewels, treasured by me.
I have formed and fashioned you
And you are nearly ready to be “show-cased” by me.

All the earth is filled with my glory
Though not openly revealed.
For those who have eyes to see, may they see.
Just as all the heavens declare my glory,
Though most have eyes, this is still not seen.
Allow me to buff, to polish you.
It is for me to finish the work I have started in you.

You will be as jewels for all to see my people.
I am to be glorified in each one of you.
I am Christ in you the hope of glory.
All the fullness of the Godhead bodily dwells in me
And you are complete in me.
I am in you and you are in me –
The Glory I had with my Father
Passed on now to you.
(John 17:20-22)

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