This day I say – Watch the words you say

This day I say – Watch the words you say
They do speak life or death.
It is clear in my Word
“Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”

My people, even voicing your doubts and fears
Over and over again,
Can affect your life and others around you.
Instead, I ask you to voice my Word
And the promises I have made
Concerning your doubts and fears.

I have been tempted in every way
When I lived on the earth.
Because I knew of the love of my Father,
I knew I could trust Him in every circumstance.
May it be so for you my people.
Spend time in His presence as much as you can
And be reassured by His continued loving-kindness
As well as His justice and righteousness –
In these things He delights
And imparts them every day on the earth.

So lay down those doubts and fears at His feet
And with thankful hearts, rejoice! –
Knowing and believing His Word
That He will answer your prayers
And keep your hearts and minds in perfect peace.

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