Awake and arise my children!

Awake and arise my children!
It is the day that I have made!
I have made each day and each night
And they are never quite the same again.
I have made the times and the seasons.
They are to be grasped and held firmly.
There are opportunities not to be missed.

When I call, I would have you answer
For there is a schedule in my plan
And never need you doubt that you are in my plan.
I see you individually and need each
In the world today.
You have been placed strategically
Where I can use you most
Even while you are being prepared –
Before some of you will go from coast to coast.
You each bear “tidings of great joy”
And my joy is to be revealed.
The world is growing in fear each day –
Fear of the unknown future lying ahead.
You have the answer my people –

Awake and arise and reveal My Glory –
My Glory for all to see!
I am the only hope for the world today.
I am “Christ in you the hope of Glory“.

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