The seasons in your life

The seasons in your life have been there for a reason.
They have been part of the moulding and shaping.
When you’ve allowed me to be Lord of your life
You are placed on the Potter’s wheel.
I am the Potter and you are the clay,
And never need you “rue the day”.
That decision made was the catalyst
For the rest of your life
And enables me to have full reign in the shaping
Of your life
Bringing you into your destiny and the plan
I have had for your life.

Never underestimate the importance of these seasons
Whether winter or summer, autumn or spring.
Out of each one, new life I will bring –
You will overcome, my people, when you abide in me
For I have overcome the world
And by the blood of the lamb
And the word of your testimony,
You, too, will overcome every adversity
From the enemy and every adverse wind –
For the winds of adversity will come my people.
Spring and summer will not always stay
Just as the winter storms, they will pass away.

Always I will be there alongside
Whatever season you are in.
Take hold of my hand and trust in me.
Together we will always win!
For the victory has already been won.
Know it and believe it!
It was won for everyone.

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