Just as in the beginning

Just as in the beginning
I created the lights in the firmament of the heaven
To divide the day from the night and said:
“Let them be for signs and for seasons
and for days and years”.        Gen. 1:14 KJV

So it is, that Jesus came as a light to the world
And that there are seasons in the Spirit
As well as the natural.
He brings the light into the darkness of the world
Though the world still knows Him not;
And I am the Father of Lights.

There are seasons in your individual lives
Which bring you growth and draw you closer to me,
Ane there are seasons in the Body of Christ
Which are to be recognised in your nation
And right around the world.
Much grace has been extended to you my people
And this season will pass, for the time is approaching
When I am to return to earth to claim my own.

Make the most of the season in which you are,
My people
And make the most of my light, which brings you
Continuous revelation –
Revelation knowledge and wisdom
That you might reveal My Glory —
My Glory to a lost and dying world.

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