“And man shall live forever more because of Christmas Day”

So many in the world today are unaware
Of the significance of the day of my birth on earth.
They may sing the words in a Christmas Carol
But do they really hear the words they sing?
The words of this carol confirm my Word
And bring hope and joy to the world.

I so loved the world that I gave my Son
My only Son, born of a virgin on the earth
To reveal my love for all mankind;
And because of His birth and His life on the earth
The identification with man was made.
He experienced your earthly life and the frailty of man.

He took on Himself the sin of the world
When He was crucified at Calvary.
He conquered death when he rose again
And fulfilled the prophecies in my Word.
It is true that whoever believes in Him
Will not spiritually die but have eternal life.

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