Whatever season you are in right now

Whatever season you are in right now
Know that I am there alongside
In every aspect of your life.
Just as in the natural, a season comes and goes
So it is in the spiritual.
The seasons are for your growth
And the lessons learnt are invaluable
As each one comes and goes.

This day is the longest day in your calendar year
Yet the days are speeding up my people
Towards my end-time plan.
I am coming back again
And I would have you ready and fully prepared.
The Christmas season is all around you
And for some, they remember my birth;
That I was born in a manger
And there were angels and wise men.
They heard the story as children
And each year they are reminded again.
These ones have a seed of faith planted right back then.
Look for these ones my people
And tell them more of my life –
Lead them to me as Saviour and Lord,
And be used to bring them new life.

It is the time my people to think outside the box.
Do not be disheartened – Look for the opportunities.
Though all around the emphasis is on Father Christmas
And the buying and selling in the shops,
The people have a deep hunger inside
Which only “knowing me” will stop.
You are my beloved ones. Pass on the love you have.
Regardless of the season you’re in yourself,
Reach out now with my love.

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