Enter in my people!

Enter in my people!
The door is open wide.
It is a place of intimacy
But you need to step inside.

It was only the priest who could enter in
Before the veil was torn –
He would enter in with the blood of a lamb –
A lamb without spot or blemish.
Rejoice now and enter in –
The perfect sacrifice has been made.
The blood of my Son has opened up the way
For you to be close to me.
I see His blood my people
And your sins are remitted and taken far away.

There are many things I have to share with you –
Many things to reveal.
First of all, the depth of my love
I want you to know and feel.
The more time you spend in my presence
As well as in my Word
You will come to know my heart
And things you have not yet heard –
For my mercies are new every morning
And every morning a new Word.

A hen may lay an egg each day
With the potential of a new life.
When the hen nurtures these eggs,
It is then they bring forth new life.
The words I give are full of new life
Not limited to such as a barn –
When nurtured with love and faith,
They will be carried far and wide –
They will carry new life wherever they go.
Enter in now my people – Enter in and in me abide.

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