I cannot emphasise enough

I cannot emphasise enough
The need for my people to recognise
They are to use the power that still flows from my blood
To protect, heal and deliver in their lives each day.

My people, I came to set the captives free –
All who are oppressed and held captive by the enemy.
The power that still resides in my blood
Is available to you.
By faith, use it as a weapon of war
Protecting you and your families
And when you break the bread
And drink the fruit of the vine
Representing my body and my blood given on the cross,
Know that a new covenant was made in my blood,
The blood being shed for you.                (Luke 22:20)
I shared this truth with my disciples before I gave my life.

The time of the Passover was approaching
And I prophesied with action.
I was to become the Passover Lamb –
The sacrifice that was needed
To conquer death for all mankind –
For truly I desire none to perish
But all to believe and receive
All that was done on the cross for them
So they could be set free.
Apply and plead my blood over your households
My people –
A prophetic action done by my people in Egypt long ago.
They obeyed “the God of their Fathers”
And their households were saved.
Our love for you my people has truly never waned.

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