Just as a dive from a springboard

Just as a dive from a springboard goes very deep –
So does a walk of faith
Which springs from the revelation
That the blood of Jesus has never lost its power.

My people, the blessings you have cannot be contained
When you understand this truth.
You will wield it as a weapon of war alongside my Word.
Mostly you will find my Name will suffice
When you know your authority in me,
But often you will need to name my Blood
To rout the forces of the enemy.
He will try to dig his heels in deep
As my end-time plan unfolds
But he cannot withstand the power
That resides in my blood today.

Deep calls to deep my people.
The foundation of your faith has to stand firm and strong.
I am your rock. I am your chief cornerstone –
And your faith must stand on the fact
That I came to earth as a man,
I was crucified dead and buried
And on the third day, rose again.
My blood was accepted by the Father
As the perfect sacrifice
Once and for all time.
Receive all I have done for you and for all mankind.

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