Unless you honour the blood of my Son

Unless you honour the blood of My Son,
Your faith has been in vain.
You may believe that I exist
But the devil does the same.
When you believed and received My Son into your life,
You entered into a brand new life.
You entered into “the Kingdom of God”, My Kingdom,
Though on earth you still have life.

In My Kingdom are all the benefits
Of My Son’s blood sacrifice.
Unless you believe in the power of His blood
Still for healing today,
You can be a target of the enemy’s schemes
To keep you from functioning healthily, day by day,
Day by day.
My people, Jesus came to set you free
From all the wiles of the enemy –
Sin and sickness, guilt and shame, sorrows and griefs –
They are all the same –
Powerless, when you plead the blood and use my Word
In Jesus’ Name.
Treat His Name and His Blood with honour, my people.

I am a Supernatural God, revealing more of myself
Each day.
It is the day of revelation
And I desire you to be open to receive
All that I have for you in preparation for my return.
It is for you to be strong in me
And in the power of my might.
Without you implementing the power in my blood
To put the enemy to flight,
You are limited in being used by me
Enforcing the victory already won at Calvary.

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