Know that my Holy Spirit is moving

Know that my Holy Spirit is moving, moving, moving –
Across the face of the earth
More than you have ever see or known before –
For the time now is short, my people.
My angels are being sent and placed
In strategic positions
Right across the whole earth.

These are not idle words.
When I return, will you be found
In a place that does not please me?
Will you be unaware of the time and season
In which you live?
Will you be living a life that pleases me?
Are you willing today to take stock of the way you are heading
And to get back on the track that has been mapped out
For you by me?

Know my special people, the pull of the world
Is very strong.
There is much deception and unbelief all around you.
Do not be swept along by the ways of the world.
You are now not of the world, but you are of my Kingdom.
You are to help bring my Kingdom and my will
Into your world – your sphere of influence,
For truly I live within you, and wherever you go,
You are to allow me to bring change into your world.
I am “Christ in you, the hope of Glory“.

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