Lift your heads up my people.

Lift your heads up my people.
Lift them up for me.
Be proud of the heritage given to you.
You have been placed into my Kingdom.
You now have a royal heritage.
Those who do not recognise me
As the Son of the Living God
Also do not recognise who you are in me.

My people, because of my blood,
You are now counted worthy –
Worthy to be called the Children of God,
Sons and heirs in my Kingdom, the Kingdom of Light.
There is no darkness in my Kingdom.
You are to shine my light into the darkness
All around you.
I am in you and far greater than he who is in the world.
I am Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Recognise, my people, the rich heritage you have
Which is now part of your very being.
My fullness dwells deep within you.
It is before me you humbly bow
And you are to honour those I have placed
In authority over you
Yet I say to you, hold your heads up high
For my glory to be clearly seen through you.

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