Never need you be concerned

Never need you be concerned
That I am not there alongside.
I will always be there for you
When it is important you want to clarify.

Time now is speeding up. The time now is short.
My end-time plan is being put into place.
My people need to hear my voice.
I am revealing myself in ways as not before.
Keep your focus on my affairs
And not on the ways of the world.
The world is going on a path that leads to its destruction.
The only way it can be stopped is by my intervention.
Tell my people how imperative it is for them to take stock
Of the way that they are heading
And whether or not they are veering a little off track.

The subtlety of the enemy
Keeps us from being on time
I hear what you are saying Lord –
When we are lax in one thing
It leads to another and another.

When a time is set for a meeting
And you are expecting Me to show up
Why would you keep me waiting,
When at the beginning I desire to show up?
My people are always to be ready in season
And out of season.
Whatever time is allocated, it is a special time block.
Do not cut corners my people.
There is a fullness of time required for my purpose
To be fulfilled.
Whether or not I wait to come – Wherever I am,
Do not allow yourself to be robbed
When going from glory to glory in me.
Always, you are to be prepared and ready for my coming.
I am to come in majesty and honour when I am coming,
And when I am present and there is a lack of reverence,
My manifest presence withdraws.
Do not be afraid of intimacy; that is what I desire;
Yet know that I am the Most High God
And it is respect and honour I require.
I am coming sooner than you think.

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