Pass on my peace.

Jesus, you are so wonderful
Words cannot describe.
The peace you give, despite circumstances,
Deep down inside.

That peace, my people, I would have you pass on.
That peace you are to impart.
My love which flows in a steady stream
Encompasses my peace and my joy.
Take the time to be still and know that I am God.
You will have the reassurance
That I know your every circumstance –
That I see you, and know you and love you.
I know the way through for you.
I am the “God of the Breakthrough”.
There is nothing hidden from my sight.

I accomplished all you could ever need
On the cross at Calvary.
I came that every captive could be set free.

There is much oppression in the world today.
Set the oppressed free, my people.
Impart to them my peace
Which passes all understanding –
The peace that the world cannot give
That their hearts will no longer be troubled or be afraid.
Their trust and their faith is to be in me.
Help them to know they can stay free
As they believe and receive
All that has been done for them;
And that it is through my Spirit and my Word
That they will grow stronger and stronger day by day.

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