Meditate, my people

Meditate, my people.
Meditate on the words I give
Through my Holy Spirit and my Word.
Take the time my people, to absorb my truth
Into your mind and your spirit;
Into every part of you – body, soul and spirit.

Some things need to be constant;
Some things need to change
As you meditate, you will learn to discern.
There will be clarity as you grow
In my wisdom, day by day.

In the world today, you can bring change
Such as you could never have imagined.
My power in you can bring into being
A world-wide chain reaction.
My people, do not doubt the effect you can have
In the arena of world affairs.
I can open wide the door in places of influence
“Who would listen to me?” you think
Yet I say to you my people:
The words you speak are life or death.
You can bring life into nations.
There are ones I am choosing to step right out
And speak the words I give –
There will be strategic times
That will impact lives around them.

The truth I have planted deep within
Must now be planted out.
It can no longer be contained
Within the confines of your being –
My Body, the Body of Christ –
Relevant now with greater force –
Consider those who are lost, my people.
The time now is short.
Do not limit me in your lives. I am greater in you
Than he that is in the world.
Know that now is the time for you to arise.
Allow me, in you, to be glorified!

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