The blood of Jesus never fails

O The Blood of Jesus
It washes white as snow.

The blood of Jesus never fails.
It was given for a purpose –
That all mankind could be set free
To live a life with purpose –
To live a life free from sin and sickness;
From guilt and shame.
And sorrows and griefs.

My people, the way has been opened up for you
To enter into my presence
That you can know my love for you is an everlasting love.
The trials of life, you are to overcome
In my power and in my strength.
My Holy Spirit has been given to you to help you
Accomplish my plan and my purpose.

Know this, my daughter: Know this my son:
The power still flows from the blood of my Son.
By that same blood and the word of your testimony
You will overcome.
You will be all I have called you to be.
You will reveal to the world my love and compassion.
In your lives, you will glorify me.

Stay filled with my Spirit, my people
Applying the blood of the lamb.
You are my hands and my feet,
And my mouth-piece
In the world today.
Stay glorifying me in your lives each day.
My love for you will never fail.

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