It is the time now to be more aware

It is the time now to be more aware
Of the strategy of the enemy.
He would put road-blocks in your path.
He is subtle and conniving.
Be very sure of your direction –
The one I would have you take.
Then you will avoid that road-block
And you will find many you will overtake.
I have the timing for your destination –
The destiny I have planned for you.
Do not be hindered by those ahead
Who are choosing to slow down.
You are to focus on your goal ahead
For each of you, I have a crown.

My people, be aware; the enemy brings in confusion.
He brings in contention and strife.
Stay very close to me as you move
In your every-day tasks of life
And when I give you clear direction,
Go neither to the left nor the right.
The pathway will be clear ahead.
Trust me in every aspect of your life.
Make sure that I am Lord of your life
And, in my Name, push back every force of the enemy.
Be strong in Me and in the power of my might.
My people, I have already won the battle.
As you commit your way to me and resist the enemy,
He must flee!

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