The beat of my heart is strong and true.

The beat of my heart is strong and true.
It beats for all of my creation.
There is nothing hidden from my knowledge
And the love I have for all I have created.
Men have made many things out of substances
I have made.
All things were made by me
And without me there was nothing made that was made.
Many of these things made by men are now worshiped.
They are used as idols for worship and treated as gods.

These gods do not have a heartbeat. They are not alive.
My people, you are to reveal this truth
To those who have been deceived
And introduce them to Me, their Father and Creator.
I gave my only beloved Son that each one would live,
Not only in this life but in the life to come.
It is for them, too, to have forgiveness
And live in health and wholeness.
My heart reaches out to all of my creation
And my heart-cry is that you reach out
With my compassion and love,
Healing and setting free those who are hurting
In your world today.

It is for My Glory you were created.
“Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

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