Enter in, my people!

Enter in, my people –
My arms are open wide.
I call and I beckon
But still you remain outside.
Enter into the realm of the Spirit
Where my glory resides.
Your spirit is willing but your flesh is weak.
Push your flesh aside.
Of what are you afraid my people?
I am your light and your salvation.
I am the strength of your life.
I am your Rock – your firm foundation.

The door of wisdom and revelation
Is now open wide.
You will come to a deeper knowledge of who I Am
And who you are in Me.
You will know clear direction
And the hope of your calling.
You will move into the destiny I have planned for you
And the part you are to play
In my end-time strategy.

My people, do not fear now to enter in.
My Holy Spirit will be your guide.
Be filled with my Spirit and flow with me
Growing in wisdom and revelation
And in the knowledge of me.
My love for you knows no bounds.
I desire you to be very close to me.
There is a rhythm in the beat of my heart.
This you will hear and flow with my heart.

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