O Israel

I cry out to you O Israel!
Those who have been scattered, now come home.
Come home to your homeland.
The desire you have to return
Has been planted in your heart by me.
It is to fulfil your destiny
And the promises in my Word.
My people, my very own chosen ones
Are waiting for your return.
They know that you too are part of their family.
They believe my Word.
As you join together, you will be used by me
To help bring in the harvest of souls
Created for all eternity.

(And for those already on their home soil):

Israel, O Israel come now – it is the time
For you to know your strength is in me
That I have created your destiny.
It is by my grace you are still a nation.
My love for you is greater
Than any of the forces of darkness.
There is no force that can hinder my plan.
My Holy Spirit is moving on your behalf.
I am the Landlord of your land.
I am the Lord of all lords and the King of all kings.
Every knee will bow and every tongue confess
That I am Lord.
Come now my people – come home
You have been as the prodigal son.
My arms are outstretched to you.
My love reaches out to you, my beloved ones.
You are my very own chosen ones.
The time is now for you to return to me
And be all I have created you to be.
I am your Father – God of the Heavens
And the true God of the earth.
I present to you my Son –
I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
I present to you the crucified One.
He died on the cross for everyone.
Through Him, you will come to know me as Father.
Believe and receive Him, my beloved ones.

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