My grace is always enough.

My grace will always be enough for you –
Whatever is happening to you.
It is by grace you have been saved –
Not of works done.
The “works” required of you
Is that you believe in me,
The One He sent, the Son Of God,
Who died on the cross for you.

My people, my grace flows freely towards you,
As does the power in my blood –
Yet that grace is not to be misunderstood,
Mis-used or abused;
For that will mean I died in vain for you.
Do not be deceived my people –
Nothing is hidden that will not be revealed.
Push off the powers of darkness
That would infiltrate your life.
Be strong in me and in the power of my might.

My love for you is an everlasting love.
I bore your sins, sicknesses and your shame
On the cross.
Receive my forgiveness.
Be washed clean afresh by my blood.
Your confidence is to be in me.
My Holy Spirit will help you fulfil your destiny.

The time now is short.
Prepare yourselves, each one, for my return.
Be used now in a deeper and wider way,
Bringing in the harvest of souls needed
In these last days.

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