It is time now for you to make a stand!

Come now my daughter! Come now my son!
I cry out to you, each one!
It is time now for you to make a stand –
Do not allow your City or your family to be over-run.
Take the authority you have been given.
Use my Name and speak my Truth everywhere.
The spirit of deception pervades the world everywhere.
You have the power to over-rule –
Resurrection power in you.
The victory was won on the cross.
Rest in knowing the work has all been done for you.

In confidence now, take your stand
Not allowing the enemy any more ground.
As you commit your way to me and resist the enemy,
He must flee.
Your confidence is to be in me and who I Am.
I am the Lord who exercises loving-kindness,
Justice and righteousness in the earth
And in these things I delight, says the Lord.”*
Know that greater am I in you
Than he that is in the world.
I am “Christ in you, the hope of Glory

My love and compassion I give to you –
With these, the lost will be drawn to you.

* Jeremiah 9 :24

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