You each have a role to play

Trust me now to bring you into being the one
That I have called you to be.
Each of you, my people, are to recognise
That you each have a role to play
As I reveal my strategy in these last days.
Spend more time in my presence
Than you have done before
That you might hear and see and know
The time and the season in which you are living.

The world events around you clearly tell their story.
Take the time to look in my Word
And see where they fit in my story,
For the stories I tell are prophetic
In nature and in design.
They reveal to you my plan and purpose
For the world I created, in the end times.
My people are to get mobilised
For the time now is short.
My people are to flow with my Spirit
Bringing them into their destiny.

Take the time now to heed my call.
I am calling you now, each one, to respond.
You will know the role I would have you play –
It will become clearer day by day.

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