Give to me your preferences

Give to me your preferences
Those things you prefer to do
When you take time out from your busy-ness –
Those things that then occupy you.

My people, I ask that you include me in –
Take me with you on those rides;
When you are creating or watching sports.
I want to stay close to your side,
There will be times you will need protecting
From the ways of the world.
At other times, you will be more aware
That I go with you wherever you go – everywhere;
And that I enjoy you having fun –
That I created you – everyone.
You are to be creative.
You are to know my joy.
You are not to over-work
Yet have your time healthily employed.
When you consciously include me in
All those areas of your life,
You will know greater intimacy with me
And know me as the true lover in your life.

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