Perth 4 Jesus – The 2012 challenge.

Before there is an “Awakening” –
Before a seed breaks forth –
There has been a planting
And it has been on prepared ground.
The ground was more prepared in the north
When I planted that first special seed.
That first Perth4Jesus was a taste
Of what I have planned for you.
It was a platform for me to be seen
Built on me, your Rock.

There has been much bearing of fruit
And the dais has been raised.
The promise was made
That from the special seed planted,
There would be a birthing
Greater than had been known before,
Of my miracles and signs and wonders,
Changing lives.
These were seen at “nib” Stadium which followed on
When many more names were penned
In the Book of Life.
In this Sports Arena, the name GLORY
Was clearly seen
And in you also, my people,
My Glory will be more clearly seen.

Our deep love for you – Father, Spirit, Son –
Reaches out to all – to everyone.
Stay expectant, my people.
Know that you stand on me, your Rock.
My Name is to be lifted high over your City
Every knee will bow and every tongue confess
That I am Lord.
These words are clear in my Word.
Prepare the way, my people. Prepare the ground.
I long to be known as Lord of your City.
Proclaim me as Lord now, all around!
You are challenged once more
And once more the name of the stadium chosen
Also speaks.
Be challenged and challenge others to trust in me.
With all your heart, proclaim me now as
Lord of your City.
Proclaim it together as my Body in this City,
Called “The City of Lights”
Knowing that I am still THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

This city is to be known as a Beacon of Light
For your nation, and other parts of the world.
As you move in faith, empowered by my Holy Spirit
And my Word,
My angels will move into their assignments,
Playing their part
In establishing my plan and purpose for your City.

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