Stand on me, your rock.

Stand on me, your Rock –
Not on shifting sand.
Without me as your Chief Cornerstone,
Anything you build will show instability.

Arise now and build –
Your confidence to be in me
Not in your own ability.
As you use my Name
Which is above every other name
You will know the authority
That has been given to you.
Think of me as your Commander-in-Chief
And that you represent me
Wearing a badge clearly seen
Showing your authority.

My people, stand on me, your Rock –
Stand on the promises I have made in my Word.
Know that you represent me on the earth
With the Holy Spirit leading, guiding,
And directing you.
In My Name, you will do exploits for me –
Those things that cannot be accomplished
With the arm of the flesh.
I am a Supernatural God
And you will see me acting supernaturally
On your behalf.

It is time now my people, for me to be glorified
On the earth.
Give to me all the praise and the glory
For what is happening in your life
As you trust in me as your Rock
And your Strong Tower –
Knowing you are protected
From the evil forces of darkness –
As you use my Name
And cover yourselves and your families
With the blood given on the cross for you;
And as you arise and build, you will find
My Word will be the Anchor for your soul.

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