My peace I leave with you

My peace I leave with you
My peace I give unto you
Not as the world gives give I unto you.
Let not your heart be troubled
Neither let it be afraid.

My peace is part of your heritage from me.
It has been left for you to receive.
The chastisement for your peace was upon me
And by my stripes you have been healed.
I was wounded for your transgressions
And I was bruised for your iniquities
When I was crucified on the cross.

The peace that I give passes all understanding –
It is a deep rest found only in me.
It is found when you are deep in my presence
When you are focused only on me.
It is found when you are trusting in me
With all your heart
And not leaning on your own understanding.
You find it deep within
When all other resources have gone.

You are my precious people
And I would have you know my peace
Throughout all your life experiences.
Know that your life on earth is temporal.
Be anxious now for nothing.
Lay down all those fears.
Present your requests to me with a thankful heart.
Know that I am a prayer-answering God.
Know that I will guard your heart and mind
And keep them in perfect peace
When you trust in me.
Recognise the lies and the wiles of the enemy.
All the doubts and fears, you are not to embrace.
Push back the powers of darkness
As you run for me, your race.

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